Home, let’s find yours!

Have you found your home? You know the place that just feels right. Where you breathe more deeply, anticipate the day to explore and rest easier being there. I help others find home for a living, I’m told I’m very good at it. I’ve envisioned where, what, why, even pursued and attained a few homes. It seems, I just hadn’t gotten to that settled place in life, where one address was calling me home. Until recently, when all the stars aligned, I put my own expertise to work for me and boom, I found it!

I always knew home was at the beach, my biggest why, my family live in Calvert County, yet the opportunities to buy where I was focused, were slim. Then I explored possibilities and it changed everything! I joined a truly extraordinary Real Estate office, RE/MAX One, located in the heart of where I wanted to be. Shortly after, I found the perfect shanty by the sea to call home, and after renovations, I’ll be in my forever home! The shanty is proving to be quite the challenge, yet it will be worth it! I’m sure a few future posts will be born from the adventure.

I’m so grateful for my stay in Baltimore the past 3 years, I’ve made great friends and have built an incredible professional network. I found my niche in the Real Estate market from having to create a new sphere to work with for business. I spent time studying my strengths and weaknesses, trained, practiced, and developed the business that fits for me, while providing unique value to my clients. I am so in love with my business, it’s not work, it’s my life.

My life has given me the opportunity to learn so much, construction, automotive, entertainment, sports, retail, and many roles in corporate environments. Learning commercial Real Estate was a necessity to provide space for those businesses I was invested in. Everything I’ve learned provides skills necessary to help others with finding their own home, investing to build wealth, and negotiating winning agreements for buyers and sellers for home or investors for business.

When you, or those you care for are looking for an agent to assist with Real Estate in Maryland, I’d be honored to provide an exceptional experience! I’m sure I know the area I’ve lived or worked nearby at some point. I believe that all my gypsy travels around the state have created opportunities to help more clients. From the top to the bottom of the Bay, I know the communities. Those experiences are key to helping others find home!

For all of those searching to find a home of their own, reach out to me, wander through my website with an open mind, see if home is calling you too and lets talk!

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Home sweet home

Finding home sweet home